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From Comprehensive Auto Detailing & Precise Car Washing to Expert Power Polishing, Custom Car Decals/Vinyl Wrapping, and Meticulous Headlight Restoration – We Elevate Your Vehicle’s Elegance through Unsurpassed Craftsmanship and Attention to Detail.

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Elevating your vehicle's appearance with unparalleled craftsmanship & a professional touch.

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Convenience meets flexibility – enjoy a spotless car wash any time, day or night.

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Your delight is our priority; we ensure your vehicle leaves our care impeccably restored and satisfyingly pristine.

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Super Clean Provides Auto Detailing & Car Wash Services You Can Rely On

At Super Clean Auto Detailing & Car Wash LTD, we take pride in delivering exceptional auto detailing services that you can trust. With a passion for perfection, our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to restoring the beauty and radiance of your vehicle, ensuring it looks and feels as good as new. From meticulous exterior cleaning to thorough interior detailing, we go above & beyond to bring out the true essence of your car.

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Delivering Superior Auto Detailing Solutions

Our Commitment to Delivering Superior Auto Detailing Solutions Guarantees a Showroom-worthy Finish and an Unrivaled Gleam That Turns Heads on Every Road.

Auto Detailing

We are the premier 24-hour auto detailing & reconditioning shop in the Medicine Hat and Red Cliffe area.

Car Wash Services
Automatic Car Wash

Whether you prefer the basic hand wash to a full restoration, you can trust Super Clean Auto Detailing to do the job right.

Precise Polishing With High-End Equipment
Power Polishing

Super Clean gives precise polishing at its finest, removing your vehicle’s imperfections, and giving it that extra shine.

Ozone Fumigation

We offer a comprehensive and effective ozone fumigation system that eliminates odors, allergens, and pathogens.

Vinyl Car Wrapping in Medicine Hat
Car Decals & Vinyl Wrap

Professional decal design, installation, and removal service available on-site with minimal downtime and on schedule. Book yours today!

Headlight Restoration & Replacement Services
Headlight Restoration

Super Clean offers complete and the best headlight restoration system, increasing their range and visibility all for a fraction of the cost.

Pressure Washing Service in Medicine Hat
Mobile Pressure Washing

Super Clean takes the lead as the prominent 24-hour pressure washing and reconditioning hub in the Medicine Hat and Red Cliffe vicinity.

Ceramic Coating in Medicine Hat
Ceramic Coating

Instead of opting for costly paint repairs or replacements, our top-notch ceramic coating can restore and protect your vehicle’s finish, making it look like new.

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Ceramic Coating in Medicine Hat
Car Wash Services
why choose super clean ?

Unleash the Sparkle, with our Car Washing Excellence

Experience Unparalleled Auto Detailing Excellence That Unlocks the True Brilliance of Your Car’s Appearance – Setting the Standard for Automotive Beauty & Prestige.

Longest wash time per loonie

Super Clean believes in offering you the most value for your money, ensuring your vehicle receives an extensive and thorough wash that leaves it truly pristine, without breaking the bank.

Soft water & spot free

Your vehicle deserves the finest treatment, which is why we exclusively use soft water and advanced techniques that leave little to no spots behind. Experience a streak-free, immaculate shine that reflects our dedication to quality in every droplet.

Wash bays open 24/7

No matter the hour, your vehicle can enjoy the pampering it deserves, allowing you to maintain its lustrous appearance on your schedule.


what our customers say about us

Took my grubby Ford Escape down for a detail package and was absolutely not disappointed! These guys are friendly and professional, and do an amazing job. They have a variety of services for great prices. Will absolutely be returning for future services.

Krista Gomke

I love how nice and friendly everyone out there is! Including ottis the shop supervisor dog! It is always clean in the bays which is nice and the updates that have been done in the bay!

Lacey Andreas

Didnt even know my truck had a sparkle flake in it until Jon did an awesome job on detailing and power polishing it! Even got a free VIP wash card! Thanks again!!

Jordan Kleinsasser

This is an awesome little family run business. the staff are very friendly and accommodating. I came in with my quite dirty CRV and three loonies got the job done and well. Way bigger bang for your buck than most places. They're also open 24 hrs. Day or night even though they are busy the wait times are very little. They also do auto detailing. Prices are more than fair and quality work. Highly recommend.

Dan Dueck
frequently asked questions

Curious About Our Expert Auto Detailing Services?

If you have inquiries specific to your car or vehicle’s needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable team. We’re here to ensure you’re fully informed and confident in choosing Super Clean Auto Detailing for all your car’s rejuvenation requirements.

The frequency of detailing depends on factors such as your driving habits, local weather conditions, and personal preferences. Generally, getting your car detailed every 3 to 6 months is recommended to keep it in top condition.

The duration of detailing varies based on the services you choose and the condition of your vehicle. On average, a comprehensive detailing session will take several hours to complete.

We prioritize the security of your vehicle and its contents. Our team is trained to respect your privacy, and our facilities are equipped with security measures to ensure a safe and secure environment.

Certainly! We provide our customers with personalized maintenance recommendations to help you keep your vehicle in optimal condition between detailing visits.

Automatic car wash service for $20 - with wipe down!

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Whether you require auto detailing services, a car wash, a fresh car polishing, fancy new car decals or headlight restoration, Super Clean has got you covered!

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Book your next Auto Detailing appointment with Super Clean and get ready to be blown away by the high level, quality work our team provides!