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Headlight Restoration & Replacement Services

Bring your vehichle's headlights back to life

Are your headlights scratched, pitted, yellow, or faded? Super Clean is the best in the Medicine Hat area when it comes to headlight restoration service. With us, you won’t have to replace a headlight if it doesn’t need replacing. Your needs are our primary concern and we wouldn’t want you spending loads amounts of cash buying a new headlight when it can still be replaced and made to look brand new. We offer complete and the best headlight restoration system increasing their range and visibility all for a fraction of the cost.

Headlight Restoration Services

driving at night with poor headlights is dangerous

So what can SuperClean Headlight Restoration do for you and your vehicle, making you safer while driving?

Super Clean Auto Detailing specializes in headlight restoration using expert techniques and advanced equipment to restore original shine, enhancing appearance and safety. Over time, headlights become foggy, oxidated, or faded because of elements in the environment like damage from the sun or UV damage, water particles, and debris. Studies have shown that cloudy or oxidized headlights reduce the amount of light being illuminated on the road by as much as 80%. Get your headlight restoration done today before it’s too late. Don’t wait any longer!

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Automatic car wash service for $20 - with wipe down!

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